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 Urik Solvan - The Warrior Raised in the Wild Tribes

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PostSubject: Urik Solvan - The Warrior Raised in the Wild Tribes   Wed Oct 29, 2008 9:55 am

Urik was a Proud Noghri when he was young. He was part of the Rerko'Ker Clan. This Clan was somewhat unique of the rest. They had a stronger military than most but were never noted at the best. This is because the Clan's frowned upon them for their tactics. The Rerko'Ker Clan trained their Children in the form if Melee since they were little so they became that much better fighters. The Clan treated each other as Family like the Mandalorians do. Their Matriarch was a Man named Kerk Xingu. He was a War Hero in his day and a former Mandalorian. Urik always wanted to be a Mandalorian until the age of 12 when Urik went on his school trial. At the age of 12 all students who have passed the classes are sent into the wild for 5 Days. After those five days if they live they shall return home but must of killed a dangerous predator on the planet and brought his head as proof. Urik passed it with flying colours bringing the head on several home. He was top's in his class to. He relized than that he worked much better on his own or telling others what to do than in a team. At the age of 16 his father Sakerko was killed in a Clan Skirmish. Two Years later the Clan lost a battle against an alliance of about 3 Clans. Those three Clans raided the Village and killed many including Urik's mother Asurka. Urik made it out alive though and now looks for a new way to survive in the Galaxy.
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Urik Solvan - The Warrior Raised in the Wild Tribes
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