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 Duvnar Magnum - The Scavaging Swordsman

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PostSubject: Duvnar Magnum - The Scavaging Swordsman   Fri Oct 10, 2008 5:18 pm

Duvnar was a happy Gand who lived on Nar Shadda. The Lounge's with toxic that were deadly to Humans was his favourite place. For Years he lived worshipping the Jedi hoping to be the greatest one day. His Farther Urlan Magnum was a seasoned soldier who served the Rebel Alliance but was now retired. Starting from when Duvnar was 5 Urlan taught him how to fight in Melee Combat. Duvnar was able to best his father at the age of 18. His Mother Ejii Magnum was an ex-slave, she use to be one of many belonging to The Hutt’s but a small rescue mission Urlan was in saved her. Duvnar was also best friends with a Trandoshan named Scarrlic Yingowa. The two were allways up to no good either playing with swoop bikes, in the toxic lounge or learning from Scarrlic's father Kisharka. He taught the two leadership and how to take command of a fleet in battle. Once again Duvnar bested him but only at the age of 17. When Duvnar was 19 though Imperials invaded Narshadda. They wanted to make their new base on the planet and wiped out almost all citizens. They sparred those skilled in combat however if they would join them. Ejii and Urlan worked quickly at evacuating Duvnar, Scarrlic tagged along since his parent's were already killed. Eventually though storm troopers caught up and shot Duvnar’s mother from behind killing her. Urlan attempted to hold off the troopers but died after killing 2 of them. Scarrlic and Duvnar made their way to the evacuation ships but the two were seperated from the crowds and got put in seperate ships. Scarrlic's was destroyed by an Imperial Star Destroyer waiting and Duvnar’s ship was also attacked by it but he got in an escape pod in time and landed on Dxun. Imperials chased down the escape pod however but Duvnar was able to hide in the wild and was never found. But the Imperials eventually decided to set up camp on Dxun. Duvnar when he was 21 ran into a patrol and killed all four of them with ease but a Mandlorian was then hired to kill him. Like Duvnar the Mandalorian was skilled in Melee. When the two met they had a long duel, the Mandlorian scared Duvnar's eye but Duvnar took the Merc's life. It was shortly after that a T.I.E Fighter crashed on a patrol. The Pilot was dead so Duvnar took the ship and left Dxun for good. On his First Stop he got in a chase after a criminal named Davik. He Chased him to his lair and called the authority’s for help but it is unknown if help ever came or not, but it is known that Duvnar managed to kill Davik and escaped. Next he went to Mos Eisley. He decided to become a Pod Racer their and their he met his match. He had a close race with someone named Caredetru Tykuper but by dropping some Cargo he beat him but both were bested by a tag team pod racer. After the race Duvnar was left without a way to make credits. While wandering the Desert he found a crash landed X-Wing. It could still work but the Pilot was dead. So Duvnar took the X-Wing to search elsewhere and explore new planets. It was then the X-Wing picked up an announcemnt from Rebel Head Command that Noj Metal, Helix Rexanel, Caredetru Tykuper and Floris Redblake had escaped an Imperial Prison and X-Wing Assisstance to help the survivours and kill Imperials at the prison was presented so Duvnar came. But the Prison was already destroyed. But another ship was their and allowed Duvnar and the Prisoners onboard. They were attacked by an Imperial Star Destroyer however and hurried to get out their which they managed to do in time. Then a Prisoner aboard the Ship escaped and Duvnar left to hunt him down but was stopped by Caredetru Tykuper who mistaken him as the Prisoner until Ryan Uldarr captain on the ship stepped in. The Prisoner had escaped and the two decided to leave Ryans ship. Duvnar did without even telling anyone he was leaving. He then set off. He landed on the nearest Planet and got a job to deliever some cargo. It was going well but he was shot down by two T.I.E Fighters and crashed landed on an unknown Planet. He had to abandon his ship and ran into other survivors. Apparently the same who had just escaped the Imperial Prison. But at the time he didn’t recognize them and got captured by the NR squad protecting them. Once found innocent he was set free and started to gather food with Floris and Caredetru. The three decided to eat the Kyrat Dragon they had killed before Duvnar arrived. But during that time they got caught in a battle between a squad of Storm Troopers and a Squad of Rouge Mandalorians. Duvnar and his friends won though and warned the camp. The survivors pressed on but Duvnar wanderd off for food. He was seen by another Kyrat Dragon and Rancor however and was chased until a hidden Imperial Prison he had run into killed the beast and arrested him. Duvnar, his last childhood friend who was also a prisoner and three others escaped the prison but Duvnar was the only one to make it out alive since the Imperials decided to blow up their own prison to prevent the others from being discovered. Duvnar however lived and got a Datapad from his last teammate during his dieing moments and delieverd it to the survivors. It explained the War the Galactic Empire and Mandalorians were having against a rouge clan and how the survivors got stuck here. They eventually though ran into another NR squad and boarded a ship and escaped the planet. But the new NR Squads leader died on board because of injury’s caused by the Imperials so his squad prepared to commit suicide of everyone on the ship. Caredetru however following the request from Duvnar destroyed the cockpit killing the NR troops except for Merkak before they got everyone killed. But the ship and Caredetru’s got brought aboard the main NR ship by Tractor Beams and were arrested. Caredetru however was stuck in the hangar against several NR Troops and Tressa, a girlfriend of his who was a NR General. Duvnar broke free however with a wookie ally and tried to save Caredetru though. It failed with the wookie dead and Duvnar locked in Jail again along with Caredetru being taken to the barracks. But eventually Duvnar got out again thanks to Caredetru and the other NR squad. They attempted to escape the ship and they relised the other Survivors. Tressa ran off with them but the NR leader apparently was an undercover Imperial and took Merkak away to kill his family. The others escaped though except for the NR squad who melted away in ship oil. The only Squad member to live was Darku Choi. They got out and used their escape ships own tractor beam to save Merkak but let the Imperial go before he killed them all. The survivors then landed and depearted but the Imperial succeded in killing Merkaks family. Duvnar decided it was time to depart and continue his adventures. He heard of a place filled with Junk and such and figured it would be a good place to go. But unknown to him Caredetru, Helix and Floris got attracted to the same site and they all ran into each other an abondend ship. It was as big as a Star Destroyer and was recently Sabotaged. They ventured through the ship only to find Imperials on board and get arrested. Duvnar managed to break free and opened a path for the others to retreat but he left so soon he didn’t know if they had made it or not. Duvnar was tired of all the action and stopped by a cantina. Wrong Move. Their was a Pink Haired Girl their who was a sith who created the biggest battle Duvnar had been in since. Duvnar saw man get tricked by her into triggering a bomb that destroyed a major part of the city. Than a man named Noj Metal who Duvnar met sort of while attempting to destroy the Imperial Prison Execution Pit Victims were fleeing. Noj was chasing after the Sith girl with his robot Rioger. Three Officers tried to stop him but Duvnar killed the Officers and helped Noj capture the girl whose name turned out to be Julro. However she escaped and the tricked man approached Duvnar and Noj wondering what was going on. Later Julro killed Jano the wife of Helix Rexanel and she disappeared but Duvnar had also killed Security Forces of the planet trying to catch her. Duvnar ran into Medical Problems with his suit and was taken away by Ryan Uldarr to get healed. After Duvnar got Medical Treatment he checked in a hotel called the Dividing Line finally hoping to obtain peace and quiet. He was very wrong however. Caredetru Tykuper was crying like a baby their in the bar because his girl friend never showed but bigger than that Helix Rexanel, Noj Metal and Zelunka were planning on stealing from the Hotels Vault. Duvnar not only wanted to help his friends get out of trouble with their bounty’s by robbing it but Duvnar had a bounty from the Julro incident he needed to get rid of to. They went through many challenges in the Vault while Zelunka set it up that way for a laugh as he watched Noj, Helix and Duvnar get through and take what they needed. In the mean time though Helix made fake copies of it and gave them to people trying to kill Helix but they were rigged and their self-destructed once loaded on. Duvnar not wanting to get caught ran off with his share and got rid of his bounty. Duvnar figured it was time to continue Pod Racing and took up a race on Hoth. He was challenging Caredetru Tykuper again and had a dangerous race. But it was canceld half way through because to many people hid weapons and used it on the other racers. Duvnar decided to stop by the Cantina to relax he ran into Helix their but also their was another man their named Mal Kavian he hadn’t seen before who had many tales to tell of his past adventures. But Duvnar left before he was done telling them because Noj Metal had re-opened the Black Bear Tavern and Duvnar wanted to be their. He ran into Noj, Caredetru, Helix, Darku, Riani, Zelunka, Merkak and Ryan their. Riani showed up later though while Merkak and Zelunka left early. Duvnar, Helix, Caredetru, Noj and Ryan were debating how they would kill the Imperials when the Tavern was raided by Assassins after Riani. Duvnar and the rest made it out ok.

Still Searching in Galactic Archives for more Information...
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Duvnar Magnum - The Scavaging Swordsman
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