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 Wish Upon A Falling Star

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Tara Rexanel
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PostSubject: Wish Upon A Falling Star   Mon Oct 20, 2008 7:27 pm

On the docile planet of Naboo, on the rim of the bustiling city of Theed, behind the sealed shut doors of the Rexanel residence was the birthplace of Helix Penexia Rexanel Junior. He was born to the extremly wealthy, Hapan Alisia Desnia Tolkavitch and Helix Penexia Rexanel Senior.His childhod was very boring but Helix was motivated to put up eith it all. Helix was put into private school at the appropriate age and he quickly developed two best friends. The first Kelan and the second Tanis. Helix would go over to Kelan's house quite often to escape the monotiny of his own life. one day, Kelan's family was inivted over to the Rexanel household along with Tanis'. They were playing up the stairs and suddenly Tanis spilled his drink, causing Kelan to slip and hit fall down the huge staircase. Helix sprinted to get a first-aid kit as Kelan bled. By the time Helix found it and jolted to the dying child, Kelan had the adults at his side and he was dead. Helix dropped the kit and blamed himself self for an extremly long time. He began to weep despitless of his father's discust. That night Helix began to be 'trained' by is father to be a politican. What the man did was so terrible that Helix praticly lost his ability to cry. After a few more years Tanis moved to Datooine and Helix was distraut all through the rest of the school years. During his freshman High School year, he had fallen deeply in love with a girl named Anya. They started to go to the park and watch the falling stars zoom through the sky. During the Senior year, they were watching the stars, Anya's anurism ruptered (an anurism is a thing in your brain that eventually explodes and kills you). Helix had somehow made it through school and left for Alderran. He went to college there and didn't really do anything interesting. He did however he made three best friends...Layla, Yuran and Seras. They left Alderran and went to the Coruscanti University Of Drama And Arts where Helix fell in love again with a woman named Jano Lorso. They both graduated and became engaged. After a few years of dating they got married and left for new adventures throughout the galaxy.
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Wish Upon A Falling Star
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