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 Scars of the Heart

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Tahrr Vaulkin
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Tahrr Vaulkin

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PostSubject: Scars of the Heart   Fri Oct 10, 2008 1:08 pm

Part 1.
It Begins,

Rossella Province. Most have never heard of it, though it was, at one time located on one of the most well known of planets, Corellia. Peaceful and prosperous, Rossella Province enjoyed a lucritive Ore mining facility, as well as several successful farms. One of these farms was Djanno & Son, a moisture farm doing very well owned by Djanno Vaulkin. Djanno got the idea for the moisture farm when he was in Mos Espa looking for a slave to free then employ. While there he met his wife-to-be Koryyn Sollaari. For them it was love at first sight and soon they where married. Djanno took his new bride back home to Corellia nad helped her acclimate to her new home.
First, Koryyn gave Djanno a son that they named Tahrr. He was a good lad and helped around the house. Six years later saw the arrival of the twins, Dallah and Rahnna. Both sisters where extra special, showing early signs of Force sensitivity,Tahrr was the first to see the twins' powers, but neither Djanno nor Koryyn noticed. Tahrr would waste hours of his days trying to get the twins to do something in front of their parents, but to no avail.
Sixteen years Later.............
Tahrr has all but taken over his fathers moisture farm, bringing it to new heights by expanding and opening a second moisture farm on Dantooine (which unfortunately, went belly up shortly after first harvest) . It was a particularily hot summer day when Tahrr and Djanno saw the first wave of ground troops being flown in. The Empire was invading! Tahrr and his father ran back to the house to see if their was any news on what was happening. When they arrived, An Imperial Officer accompanied by two Storm Troopers greeted them.
"On behalf of His Excellency, The Emperor, I appologize for the inconvenience," Somehow Tahrr wasn't convinced. The Imperial continued, "As long as you cooperate with us all will be well. We are here to establish a Communications Relay and will have to leave several hundred of our toops and officers here in your Province. These men and women WILL be treated as emmisaries to the Empire. As such, you will treat them with the grace and dignity you would treat a Cleric. So long as you allow us access to what we need, there will be no problems." The Imperial finished his poorly rehearsed speech with a smile that none of the Vaulkins trusted.
The "Peace" lasted only five days.
No one is sure who did what, yet they can all agree on this. It was as if Rossella Province never existed. The night everything went south the Vaulkins were sitting down to dinner when they heard screaming and what sounded like blaster fire coming from outside. Djanno excused himself to see what the commotion was. Not liking what he was hereing, Tahrr got up and went to the door too. What happened next, happened in seconds, yet all at the same time. Djanno moved to open the door when suddenly it was pushed open by a Strong gust of wind. At that moment a Storm Trooper tossed a thermal detonator into the house. The Twins, having honed their gifts some started placing protective shields around all of their family. The detonator exploded... and the last thing Tahrr saw was a man with a red lightsaber...
The twins had managed to get a shield up around Tahrr but the others weren't as lucky. Tahrr didn's come out of it unscathed though. When he awoke several hours later, it was due to extreme pain all over his face. He struggled to his feet and searched the house. Everyone was dead, burned to near nothingness by the thermal blast. Tahrr moved into the washroom find some medicine for the pain and screamed at what he saw. His Face had been nearly completely burned away. His flesh, what was left of it, was split and charred. holes had been burned completely through his cheeks, exposing teeth and gums. He reached for a turban that his father wore while out working on the farm, scarlet in color and made of gauze. Tahrr drew some water into the basin and soaked the turban, then he wrapped around his head, using the excess to cover his face.
Tahrr left the wash room and stepped outside the house, and stared in horror. Rosella Province had been reduced to a smoldering pile of ash. Nothing was left, nothing. Tahrr had never heard of such devastation and vowed to himself that never again would he stand by and let the Imperials destroy innocent lives for the gain of their glorious Empire. He also swore a Corellian Vendetta against the Sith (that is all Tahrr can think that the man with the lightsaber would be), vowing visit the death of his family on the very man responsible.


I don't care what it takes, the Empire will feel what I feel,,,,, hollow
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Scars of the Heart
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