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 The Scavaging Swordsman

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Gwazi Magnum
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PostSubject: The Scavaging Swordsman   Fri Oct 10, 2008 12:44 pm

Name: Duvnar Magnum
Prefered Name: Duvnar
Birthplace: Narshadda
Currently Living: NR Government House
Species: Gand
Gender: Male
Age: 34
Body Type: Slumping Shoulders, Averdge Build
Height: 6’1
Weight: 125 Pounds
Hair: None
Facial Hair: None
Eye Colour: Deep Blue
Skin Colour: Scaly Green
Other Appearance Info: Terrifying Sharp Teeth
Tattoos: Red Sword Tattoo down in Left Arm
Marks: Red Scar going down his Right Eye, Huge Mark going straight downs his Back, Burn Marks on his Arms and Legs.
Profession: Melee Combat
Habits: Trying to Make the Quickest Credit when without an Occupation. He Enjoy’s killing Imperials and once had a huge bounty getting involved on many Illegal battles and operations. The Bounty however had been Payed.
Clothing: Green, Gray and Brown Survival Suit.
Accessories: Metal Wrist Band, Old Brown Belt
Weapons: Pistol, Vibrosword and Thermal Detonator’s on his Belt and a Blaster Rifle on his Back
Favorite Weapon: Vibrosword
Favourite Outfit: His Survival Suit

Duvnar was a happy Gand who lived on Nar Shadda. The Lounge's were filled with toxic that was deadly to Humans and was his favourite place to hang out. For Years he lived worshipping the Jedi hoping to one day be the greatest. His Farther Urlan Magnum was a seasoned soldier who served the Rebel Alliance but was now retired. Urlan had saved Naboo from a planetary raid of the Imperials with his rebel force but was exiled from Naboo cause of it. Starting from when Duvnar was 5 Urlan taught him how to fight in Melee Combat. Duvnar started taking melee leasons at the Military Academy at 7 and graduated at 12, he also bested his teacher at the age of 14 when he returned to the Academy to declare a challenge. Duvnar was able to best his father also at the age of 18. His Mother Ejii Magnum was an ex-slave, she use to be one of many belonging to The Hutt’s but a small rescue mission Urlan was leading saved her. Duvnar was also best friends with a Trandoshan named Scarrlic Yingowa. The two were allways up to no good either playing with swoop bikes, in the toxic lounge or learning from Scarrlic's father Kisharka who taught the two how to lead and how to take command of a fleet in battle. Kisharka was also a Rebel Soldier who was partners with Urlan. When Duvnar was 17 he bested him by beating him a game of strategy. When Duvnar was 19 though Imperials invaded Narshadda. They wanted to make their new base on the planet and wiped out almost all citizens. They sparred those skilled in combat however if they would join them. Ejii and Urlan worked quickly at evacuating Duvnar, Scarrlic tagged along since his parent's were already killed. Eventually though storm troopers caught up and shot Duvnar’s mother from behind killing her. Urlan attempted to hold off the troopers but died from a dark Jedi leading the squad. Scarrlic and Duvnar made their way to the evacuation ships but the two were seperated from the crowds and got put in seperate ships. The Defense of Narshadda got scared and left the moon leaving it and the citizens retreating vurnable. Scarrlic's ship was destroyed by an Imperial Star Destroyer waiting and Duvnar’s ship was also attacked by it but he got in an escape pod in time and landed on Dxun. Imperials chased down the escape pod however but Duvnar was able to hide in the wild and was never found. But the Imperials eventually decided to set up camp on Dxun for another reason. Duvnar when he was 21 he was collecting food he ran into a patrol and killed all four of them with ease but this sent a alert to the Imperial Base that their was a survivor on Dxun who had just killed some of their men so the Imperials hired a Mandlorian to kill him. Like Duvnar the Mandalorian was skilled in Melee. When the two met they had a long duel, the Mandlorian scared Duvnar's eye but Duvnar took the Merc's life by stabbing him right in the heart. It was shortly after that a T.I.E Fighter crashed on a patrol. The Pilot was dead so Duvnar took the ship and left Dxun for good.

Blue Milk Run

Duvnar was still wandering on his T.I.E Fighter and decided to dock on Narshadda, his home planet. He knew the Imperials had won the Invasion but they had no control over the places Duvnar would be heading. He decided to go to the Bar and enjoy a drink. He was enjoying a Ale, it was the first he had for 4 Years. While enjoying his drink he see’s two odd people. Duvnar was trying to avoid trouble though. He had lost his Sword on Dxun and all he had was a Switch Blade. The two had a Pistol Design that seemed Illegal and when they left one dropped their ID. Duvnar being Curious read it and it belonged to a man named Davik Korr. Duvnar heard from the Holo News that this guy was a criminal so he follows him outside and see’s a squad of freshly killed Storm Troopers, all were killed by the Pistol Design Davik had. Duvnar see’s Davik attempting to flee so Duvnar chases after him but is stopped by a Gamoreon Guard. Duvnar had dealt with worse though. He dodged the Pig’s poor Melee Attacks and killed him. But he had lost Davik until his speeder flew out of a Garage with him Driving. In the back was two girls, One was a 16 Year old Human and the other was a 15 Year old Tweklik, Both were tied up with Duck Tape and Rope. Duvnar can’t catch up with him and reports it to the Authority. Duvnar had sent the Speeder ID Tag and reported that Davik was heading to the Undercity. He rented a speeder and chased after him. He stopped by the Cantina to get info on Davik and met a Hutt named Yorko. He gave Duvnar the info for free but in exchange he wanted Davik Dead. Duvnar headed to the location Yorko gave but ran into a Imperial Cell. He raided it and freed two Rebel Troopers inside. They were also after Davik and the three went to the Location given. But they saw a Gang guarding it and hid outside. Eventually one of the Rebels got impatient and attacked the gang of 9. The Rebel killed two of them but sufferd a brutal death. Than the Gang leader had his squad spread out and find Duvnar and the Rebel. Duvnar’s Detonator killed four more of the Gang Members and the three were on Red Alert. Databanks do not know what else happened in the battle but they do know Davik ended up dead and Duvnar made it out alive.

Mos Eisley Pod Race

Duvnar had just killed a Crime Lord and was looking for a way to escape the action. He than got news of a Pod Race on Mos Eisley so Duvnar stole Daviks ship and headed to the Race with the Pod onboard. Their he ditched the Ship in fear of Bounty Hunters after Davik but he took the pod with him. He was the one of the best when he was younger. It was only recently he escaped the Jungles of Dxun so he did not know much people here. He noticed a man who was more Machine than Organic who wasn’t distracted. This ment Duvnar had a challenge. He than noticed Imperials come in as the Security of the Race. Duvnar decided to leave a nasty surprise. He went invisible and killed a dozen troopers with a Detonator and Plasma Grenade. But a Super Battle droid guarding a room may of saw it so Duvnar stunned it with his Ion Rifle, it wouldn’t damage the droid at all. It would only erase his memory of the event. Once Duvnar got to work on his Pod again the Imperials took some Civilians who they suspect killed the troopers and left. But People were also cleaning the exploded Pod Duvnar left by throwing a Malt functioning Pit Droid at it and blowing it up. Duvnar’s weapons were discovered though and confinscated. He also noticed a Female Racer called the Siren. She only won because she distracted male racers from the race. But since Duvnar didn’t get attracted as easily as most it was no threat. But that Cyborg wasn’t affected either. Duvnar had met his match. The Second the Race started Duvnar sped ahead of the others but the Siren was already as work crashing all the Racers. The Siren was skilled though and catching up. Duvnar decided to give her a taste of her own medicene. He find a rock in his Pod and tosses it at her. It hit’s her head she is temporaily blinded and when she can see again she has less control of the Pod and the rock is stuck in her engine however the Cyborg was catching up. The Cyborg had caught up and they got stuck in a Knife Fight. Duvnar flips the knife out of his hand and pulls ahead him quickly and releases Cargo on him. Duvnar speeds ahead then losing him. But Siren was picked up by a late entry they had one the race. Now the Cyborg and Duvnar were competing for second. Duvnar won for second and the Cyborg got third. The Cyborg was mad but he told Duvnar to race him again on Hoth.
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The Scavaging Swordsman
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