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For those from SW Combine who hate to be limited in their roleplays by Unfair Moderators and Other Roleplayers harrassing you and making up stupid rules worry no more! Now you can Role Play here in peace and just have fun!
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 Nyon Dralor

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Nyon Dralor
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Nyon Dralor

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PostSubject: Nyon Dralor   Wed Mar 18, 2009 10:57 am

Here is a small history of Nyon.

Nyon's mother was killed at an early age, his father beat him and yelled at him. One day Nyon ran away, he stole his dads ship and flew away. He went to mandalore and was trained by the mandalorians, they taught him a lot. After his training he was 16, he flew to corellia and lived on the streets for 5 years. He learned many things, he got in a lot of trouble but always snuck out of it. He now has intrest in training in the force and maybe rebuilding the sith empire.
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Nyon Dralor
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