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For those from SW Combine who hate to be limited in their roleplays by Unfair Moderators and Other Roleplayers harrassing you and making up stupid rules worry no more! Now you can Role Play here in peace and just have fun!
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 Merkak Xen

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Ali Xen
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Ali Xen

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PostSubject: Merkak Xen   Sun Oct 12, 2008 1:07 am

This is going to be brief so sorry,Merkak Xen
haircolor: Black
Eye color: Light Blue
Previous Factions:
Galactic Empire
Rebel Alliance
Cerberus Corporation
Current Faction:Cerberus Corporation
Main Quote:((Don't steal I made this up)) "I'm always for the people. Why you ask? Because when I die and my life's over,I don't want to look back at my life's events and see it was all in vein."

Merkak Xen family of 5 happily lived in on the Planet of Tatooine. He had 2 daughters both 15 named: Mollie, and Katlyn. His wifes name was Marrisa and they lived in the City of Mos Espa. further into Merkak's life after he quit the Empire a few members were hastily wanting to make his life hell. During an evacuation excursion off an outer rim sector a New Republic Commander working for the Empire failed in taking Merkak with him. But still managed to get to Merkak's home and slaughtered his family.
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Merkak Xen
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