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For those from SW Combine who hate to be limited in their roleplays by Unfair Moderators and Other Roleplayers harrassing you and making up stupid rules worry no more! Now you can Role Play here in peace and just have fun!
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 Character Creation Help

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Gwazi Magnum
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PostSubject: Character Creation Help   Character Creation Help Icon_minitimeSun Feb 22, 2009 1:18 am

On Wendsday I will make a new character on Combine.

(I will send the notification on Tuesday to the staff)

I am planning stats for the character but the problem is I was never able to experience what the Combine world is like and I can't find the stats of certain items either so if you can give me advice on how to make a great character and possibly a page where I can find item data it will be appreciated. Thanks!

Note: I am deciding between three names.

1. Greg Kashaar
2. Gwazi Magnum
3. Zane Gural
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Ali Xen
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PostSubject: Re: Character Creation Help   Character Creation Help Icon_minitimeTue Feb 24, 2009 12:41 am

Well since my death I've just sat at Coruscago on Coruscant walking around buying stocks of Cerberus Corporation. I'd like to set up a sort of Union were we could all buy stocks then put them together in the end to help each other.
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Character Creation Help
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