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 Political Apocalipse

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PostSubject: Political Apocalipse   Sun Feb 15, 2009 2:37 am

We can only wonder what goes through the head of a Chancellor, the constant thought of being replaced, the struggles one might face during ones time as chancellor. All can go to hell, this is the political crash of the Coalition before the Synchronized world took over.

It was a dark day, men in uniform ran from room to room showering there desks with legal papers. Men and women running past guards burning documents as alarms went off. A man in a white suit sat on a seat simply starring out at the madness engulfing itself. A man in a security outfit pulled out a blaster and held it to the man's head. The man was bloody from the riot that had turned into a Civil war on the planet Backram. He said firmly," You shall pay for the death of millions!" That was it, that was all that was said. And in a flash the man pulled the trigger and ran off into the distance. Pushing men and women out of the way. No one stopped to check the man who was now slumped over on the chair. No one cared. It was simply the absence of government that lead to this unwinding event that completely engulfed the whole planet. A girl no older than 14 was crying on a street corner as Backram Military forces started fighting Coalition and Spec Ops forces. Along with rebels and many citizens. Bodys pilled up everywhere. In the distance 3 Atomic warheads went off killing tons of civilians, but lets no think about that. On the other side were tons of fires and explosions, aircraft being shot down by endless seas of anti-air guns. The occasional sight of Missiles weren't a rare sight now they were in fact usual to spot. The Capital Building was in peace
What was left of the Coalition Army was stationed there where many officials were being driven to the Coalition Galactic Spaceport. Merkak was sitting at his desk his hands on his head rocking back and forth muttering words to himself. The riots were getting closer to the building and the Coalition Line was being pushed back. A man came in wearing a Coalition bodyguard outfit and said," Sir they have breached the perimeter!"
He simply starred at the young man seeing the terror in his eyes. He then stood up and said," I guess this is the end isn't it?"
"What sir? We have to go!" replied the man
"I suppose this is the end of humanity as we know it. You see the assholes in charge won't let the whole Coalition suffer. They'll give in to the Synchronized World's offer and dissolve into it."
"Sir we must go NOW!" yelled the officer now scarce as he saw enraged men running past the shot or beaten guards.
"I guess it's time for us to go then" said Merkak as he slowly got up and walked down the hall with the man who was now running to the convoy.

In the Coalition's Head Room the leader Tarick Yarell sat in his room. He had the last of his men set up the cameras even though as they set up the riots were ramming the door. As the cameras started he began:

"Hello I am Tarick Yarell,
I am sad to say that after many years of planning and strategically planning the Coalition's power here has come to an end. It's a funny thing, to loose something so dear to you." It zooms out to show Tarick's wife in his arms battered from his escape from the Congress building.
"It's...........hard to grasp the thoughts of why someone could ever do such a thing to some of the most Pure of people and creatures in the world." He began to tear up as he continued," It's hard for me to understand how one can truly take the life of someone who has never taken one themselves. Has it come to the moment in history that we have stooped to the point of no return from the bottom of the pail of humanity that we shall forsaken our neighbors to only better ourselves while in the process destroy all that we love!" His gaze turned into a glare as his watered eyes showed nothing other than sincerity. " I stay here with my wife because what is life to live if all that we love is gone from it." As he continued tons of men and women with weapons can storming in while the cameras rolled it showed 13 men run up and continuously stab Tarick in the chest making sure every stab tarred him into pieces. It was total and complete Anarchy.
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Political Apocalipse
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