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 The outcast

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PostSubject: The outcast   Sat Oct 11, 2008 10:35 pm

Section 1: Family

Sark was born on Naboo, in a small apartment in the lower district, He was a normal seklath, and was only 7 years old when tragedy struck. Unknown to anybody, his father had borrowed a large sum of money from a local mafia. Unfortunatly he had been unable to pay it off, and one day they had a knock on the door. When his father looked through the peephole, he saw the mafia leader and a few gang members. His father panicked and ushered baby Sark and his mother to a safe place, picked up his blaster and started shooting. The mafia returned fire, while Sark was put in a chest. After the shooting had stopped, Sark poked his head out and nearly cried. His mother and father were lying dead on the floor in a pool of their own blood. His fathers blaster was beside him. Sark retrieved the weapon and stowed it away. Shortly after, he found a crew of a capital ship that was passing by. They were landing for supplies, so Sark wanted to meet with the captian and hopefully join the crew.

Section 2: Life on a capital ship

Sark spent most of his life aboard the capital ship. The captian had let Sark join the crew, but only do low maitenence jobs. Like cleaning, some cooking, some medical studies and some flight training. The ship had a squadron of fighters, but one of the pilots was killed on a mission. The captian put it off, until a rival ship attacked. The captian frantically searched the ship for a replacement when Sark offered. The captian thought he was joking, but remembered when Sark did very well in the flight simulators. He let Sark fill in the positon, but told him to watch his back. After the battle, Sark had preformed exceptionally well, killing most of the enemies and saving the lives of the crew. Sark was an offical pilot of the crew. Shortly after, a few of the crew members began to call Sark by the name of the pilot he was replacing. Jimmy Rogers. A few weeks later though, the capital ship was attacked by the same rivals, but with a much LARGER armada. The capital ship was overpowered, and all crew members were either killed or taken prisoner. Sark was ejected in an escape pod, and landed on the surface of a nearby planet.

Section 3: Sark not happy

The planet Sark landed on was Tatooine, as he crashed right in the middle of one of the major cities. As he climbed out of the pod, he was filled with rage. Everything that had been going great had always been ripped away from him. He had never known his family, and had only his fathers old blaster as a memory, his friends on the capital ship had all been killed or taken prisoner, and now he was dumped on this desert. He had no friends to turn to, no family to run to, and only 80k worth of credits. He did not want to live on a desert, so he took a shuttle to his home. Naboo, and purchased his old house back. It seemed strange, but that was what he wanted. With his life back on track, Sark began to live his old life.

He lives on.
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The outcast
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