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 People to Crap Talk About

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Jacky Varsis
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Jacky Varsis

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PostSubject: People to Crap Talk About   Wed Feb 04, 2009 12:55 am

Okay, so there's this girl at my school. She insults everybody and talks crap about people behind their backs. SHE EVEN CONTRADICTS HERSELF!!! For instance, one day she brought me to a breaking point and I called her a slut to her face. She gets all offended and lets everyone know how bad I am and how much of a victim she is. THANK GOD nobody likes her. So today she comes into class ranting and raising Hell about how I asked a friend request of her on mySpace. I don't even have a mySpace, but of course she calls me a liar and lifts her self up like a Godess! Evil or Very Mad So I look up the imposter on mySpace and I find her profile photo! It's a picture of her ugly ass holding her finger to her mouth and trying to pose like a freakin' SLUT!!!!!!!!! THIS REALLY MAKES ME WANT TO HIT HER BUT MY MAMA TOLD ME NEVER TO HIT A WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Evil or Very Mad

(Sighs)Okay, here are the rules for this thread. You must make me feel better. Whoever finally accomplishes this will get to talk crap about a person who really deserves a big glass of shut the hell up! Twisted Evil
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Julius Metal
Jedi Council
Julius Metal

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PostSubject: Re: People to Crap Talk About   Wed Feb 04, 2009 11:39 am

At 1 o'clock, friday the thirteenth

13 unknown men will have tracked her down via myspace and raped her bloody

They will rip out her hair and pluck her pubs

They will shatter her teeth and break her nose

They will get tired of the mugging and move on to torture

They will pull off her fingers

They will pull off her toes

They will take the skin from her arms and legs

And then what they do next nobody knows

All that you will have to know is that 13 terrible people will do 13 terrible things (not all of them are listed) on the 13th day of the 13th hour...............................................

Well that was so cruel and manslaughterish that I feel better about myself, anyone else?
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People to Crap Talk About
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