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 We all feel pain

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PostSubject: We all feel pain   Sat Jan 31, 2009 7:07 pm

((This is a sad story of the Coalitions start))

It was a sunny day, the birds and creatures of the country side were out. Tarick was sitting on the beach with his girlfriend Molly, they were drinking the best wine with a taste so grand that you could swear to of been in heaven. He sat there stroking her hair as she blushed. There was laughter and smiling and sharing of emotions. As it got hotter outside they got up and went for a walk. As they were holding each other close he whispered into her ear," You will always be mine". She smiled and kissed him on the cheek. She starred at him with a gaze that almost took his breath away. As he starred back at her he noticed smoke in the distance. As his face changed she looked back and saw it too. Then there was a great explosion, it was as if the very core of the planet was rising from the ground. He said," What.......what is that!" She looked blankly at him and said," I, I don't know" they rushed to the town to see what had happened. When they reached the town they saw men in Black outfits and black helmets and rifles storming people's houses taking everyone into the streets. One said," Under the rules of the Federation of the United Upper Galaxys we are to kill every female species here and recruit all the males." They lined up hundreds of women up against the walls and as the men tried to get to them the soldiers fired there shots into every one of them. The sight was too much for anyone to take. Even the firing squad leader twitched. As the men started to weep and run to there dead wifes and friends and lovers the other troops graved them and lined them up and said," those of you that try to resist us will be shot. You are all now soldiers of the Federation."

Tarick could almost hardly take in what he had seen. Molly was in tears as she noticed her sisters in the piles of bodies. Tarick held her and said," I have to get you out of here!" Just then a guard noticed them and alerted the others. As they ran the firing of rifles nearly him Molly and Tarick. They ran into the deep grass area and jumped to the ground. Tarick put himself over her as shrapnel from grenades flew overhead. One piece slammed into his shoulder and he let out a sharp yelp and began to tear. Molly was screaming as the explosions kept going and going. When it ended at night spotlights went on as troops and dogs and hover tanks came onto the field. Molly and Tarick got up and began to run. One trooper spotted them and yelled," There they are open fire! Open Fire!" rifle fire can close to Molly but hit Tarick in the leg. It began to bleed extensively. He dropped to the ground after it hit. Molly stopped and went back for him. She was panicking to cover the wound but was loosing too much time. Tarick kissed her and said," Go they'll kill you" With tears in her eyes she kissed he back and ran off into the forest. When the men reached him they started to beat him repeatedly with there rifles.

A day later Molly reached a city that had been also pillaged by the Federation and they were long gone. She walked around looking for something to eat when she came across a man in cuffs. He was badly injured and had a blaster hole in his chest. When she turned him around he had dark blue hair and tan skin. He looked as if he had been from tatooine. She looked around for water and found a military water bottle and pored it on him. The man shook and was frightened to see her. He tried to get up but he yelled when his right leg gave in. It had been broken. She said," I am Molly Gusten who are you?" He looked at her with a gaze of relief that he had not been killed earlier and said," I'm Merkak Xen, where am I"

(To be Continued....)
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We all feel pain
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