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 Noj Metal: Legend

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PostSubject: Noj Metal: Legend   Wed Dec 24, 2008 10:51 pm

From Boy to Man:

Noj Metal was just a toddler when he lost his parents to a factory meltdown that destroid their buisness and sent Noj to live with his grand parents. But death followed him still as at the age of 7 he lost his grandmother to a fatal heart attack. He spent now most of his time with his grand father who owned a tavern in town called the Black Bear Tavern, that is where Noj learned to adore spacer myths. He became a fan of drinking after his first drink and would be found in his grandfathers tavern either handing out drinks or taking some. He grew to love the bar until he grew fonder of leaving to find a greater purpose for himself. The day he left to seek out a better life his grandfather spoke with him before leaving.

"Noj, you have a greatness inside of you. You have a strength in the unknown and find it, hell I remember when you were a wee lad, went into a cave for a few hours and came out with a jewel the size of your fist! The day you came of age to drink you did and loved it! You cherish the unknown! And once you discover it you love it more! You now want to discover the galaxy... do that... and you will love it more... you seek purpose... but you don't know that you have it...... You are ment to seek out the hidden and the lost...... find the unfound..... discover the unknown....... You are ment....... for great-great-ne-e-ess" And then he had collapsed in Noj's arms, dead. Noj had stayed for a years after putting his grand fathers ashes in the tomb of his family, leaving with haste and beginning his journey.

The Man Earning His Star:
Noj had worked several jobs as a tranporter when he met Zeven Mohebbi, a man soon to be a close friend of his, on tatooine where they fougth off thugs that were trying to beat money out of Noj. They had fled to the desert and met antropologist Ju-El Silverstar who gave them an offer to be her guard when meeting sand people to return an artifact of their and be apart of the White Bantha festival. They participated in the festival, Zeven had fought and beaten their chief in a sparring match and was given a guilded graffidi as a trophy. Noj had been a part of a confession of sorts, where he had been forgiven of his parents being miners and factory owners. The experiance of the festival inspired Noj to begin searching for other myths like Ice Nomads of Hoth, Treasure of Yavin 4, and cities of Old Utapal.

Noj's journeys were not set off alone, he had met many loyal friends along the way, friends like Helix, Zelukna, Duvnar, The Aqua's, Jacky, Keyla lenn, and his beloved Riana Starchylde who he eventually married. But Noj was not always given the pleasure of friends, he had met foes like Sleek, Julro Mapit, and Shadow his clone.

Noj's glory were his 2 crusades to Ruusan in search fo the sith Thought Bomb. His first journey to the planet never even made it, but they were forced to turn back by pirates and a mysterious mechanical agent of the force. But his second brought him to the planet with a crash when being discovered by Shadows fleet. The group had made it to a new ship and were able to land Noj into the cave where he would find the Thought Bomb waiting... along with shadow. The two fought and Noj won and destroid the bomb and mortally wounding Shadow thinking he had ended him. The group was soon rescued by the republic alliance but Noj had taken ship and left the others behind, exiling himself on kashyyk.

A Voice in His Head:
Noj had thought shadow was gone and never to return, but then he became of a voice whispering to him in his head, trying to control him. They voice was shadows he would soon discover and shadow WOULD take control of him. They would fight for control over Noj's body constantly till Noj had over come Shadow and allowed him to stay in his mind with the occasional control over him. But little did Noj know that there was another Noj across the galaxy recieving a cybernetic arm.

A boy and his dog is to a Man And his Droid:
Noj for most of his life hated droids because they had caused the factory meltdown killing him parents. He would raid droid repair shops and even throw rocks at droids in the city. But there came a day when he became the owner of a Super battle droid he named Rioger, he was Noj's guardian and would always risk his life for Noj. He became a brother to Noj and it was hard to over come the day he became an everyday droid. A virus had been uploaded onto Rioger during an upgrade he was having and had cleaned his memory banks clean, becoming a simple droid that would march and kill. Noj had melted the droid down into an Urn and placed it beside his families tomb to respect him as a brother.

(More to be posted)
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Noj Metal: Legend
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