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 Living dead

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PostSubject: Living dead   Mon Dec 22, 2008 10:54 pm


When shadow survived the fight we had on Ruusan and recieved the right medical treatment Noj took back the body and put Shadow into his mind, but in return named him Kogan. Due to an infection he had lost his left arm but gained 2 new ones, a cybernetic arm that looks realistic, and a combat arm with sith wristcaster firing durasteel disc's.

He returned to the tomb of the lost souls (the place where the thought bomb was held) and began a long meditation. In his meditation he was given a vision of an ancient Jedi master known as Lord Hoth. He had died during due to the thougth bomb and was released from its soul stealing ways by Noj, he now wanted to return the favor by teaching Noj to make the gem of the force and the ways of a Jedi. But while Noj was receiving his training Kogan was also visited, by Lord Kaan of the brotherhood of darkness who taught him sith ways and how to USE the thought bomb.

On awakening from their trance of meditation they realize they are stronger, faster, more agile, force capable, and 10 YEARS older. Noj has become more humble, thin fog over his eyes, and a constantly calm tone that only changes when he is in battle. Kogan has gained a more killer instinct, red cat eyes, and quiet when not howling a threat or command.

They lack something that is a symbol of the force everwhere... a lightsaber! They walk around now with a red force pike that was left with Shadow after Noj defeated him, and the disc caster built onto his cybernetic arm.

Well thats the Biography of my new character on the forums here. Yep I am switching to Noj for this, but I will still be controlling savuel. Duvnar may be the only other person that will be able to as long as he asks me first. Any questions on Noj just message me.
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Living dead
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