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 Anakin Skywalkers Father Discoverd!

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PostSubject: Anakin Skywalkers Father Discoverd!   Wed Nov 26, 2008 12:10 am

While watching Star Wars on Spike their were certain events that made me wonder "Who is Anakins Father? Surely his mother Shmi Skywalker claims theirs none but she must mean in raising him, it's impossible for a human to give birth to a child on their own". So i did some research online and with that info I found out who it was.

Now Before I tell you who I'll give you some proof to see if you can figure it out.

Episode 1: His Mother Claimed Anakin had no Father. She RAISED him on her own. That and they didn't come to Tatoinee until Anakin was 3 years old. Also Qui-Gon Gynn tells Anakin all Life and the force depends on minichlorians.

Episode 2: Anakin when angry at Obi-Wan claims he is like his father. Now nothing had lead me to think Anakin knew who is father was but obviously he probebly did hear stuff from his mother, or he knew all about it before he even came to Tatoinee.

Episode 3: When Palpatine tells Anakin that Darth Plagieus (Which with only small research and solving you'd know was Palpitines Master) was so powerful in the force he could keeps those he cared about alive AND CREATE LIFE! Now Most people would miss that because they are so focused on how the force can save Pademe. Also when Palpatine said "Create Life" he was looking straight at Anakin.

Now all Put together with research I found out the truth...

Anakin was 9 Years Old when it was the Phantom Menace, So he had to of been born 9 years ago. 9 Years Before Episode One Darth Plagueis was doing an experiement, he wanted to see if he could make a jedi strong in the force, now obviously Darth Sidious being Darth Plagueis's Apprentice would know of this experiement. Darth Plagieus need to "Produce" A Child but with a Vast amount of Mini-Chlorians, it is also known Shmi was a slave even when not on Tatoinee, so Shmi was a slave of Plagueis, she was the one who was injected with the "Stuff" and the Minichlorians needed to Create Anakin. She had him soon enough, and in 3 Years they were taken to Tatoinee. They did this for 2 reasons.

1. It is a Place where you must Fight for survival and such so Anakin would not have had such a happy background like the other Jedi Younglings.

2. Eventually when Old Enough Anakin would be discoverd, to Old to normally be accepted in giving him enough time to gather much hatred and anger.

Now Shmi told Qui-Gon Anakin had no father. Now Scientificly, that is not true, Plagueis is the father, but Shmi was the only one to raise him yet she decided she was the only one to raise him right or something of the sort. Now Palpatine when first found Anakin said he would be watching his progress greatly which would make sense since Anakin was created by his master. Now Anakin in a way looked up to Qui-Gon as a Father at first but not Obi-Wan, so when Qui-Gon died Anakin looked up to Palpatine, not Obi-Wan. But eventually he looked up to Obi-Wan to but still looked up to Palpatine as well, this allowed Darth Sidious to easily get their experiement in the Jedi Order, On the Council, set up everything how they want it to be and then have Anakin turn on the Jedi like Planned, which he did.

So their it is! Proof and an Awnser to who Anakins Father Truly is!

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PostSubject: Re: Anakin Skywalkers Father Discoverd!   Wed Nov 26, 2008 12:35 am

Duvnar I'm so sorry to burst your bubble but seriously? I hate the dialouge in the prequels but I listen... ANAKIN WAS BORN OF THE LIVING FORCE!!!! I THINK THEY EVEN SAY THAT IN THE MOVIE!!! BESIDES IT IS SCIENCE FICTION Evil or Very Mad AND SO YOU SHOULDN"T THINK from A SCIENTIFIC PERSPECTIVE!!!

Edit From Duvnar for Fun: Oh Duvnar I'm so sorry! I must obey your Theroys and all that other Junk! Ok Jacky I see your point but I've done research online even and all the information points to what I expliained up above... XD
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Anakin Skywalkers Father Discoverd!
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