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For those from SW Combine who hate to be limited in their roleplays by Unfair Moderators and Other Roleplayers harrassing you and making up stupid rules worry no more! Now you can Role Play here in peace and just have fun!
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 In my eyes there is evil.

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Jacky Varsis
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Jacky Varsis

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PostSubject: In my eyes there is evil.   Sun Nov 16, 2008 11:22 pm

Jacky Varsis ,son of General Dontay Varsis and Pilot Luna Varsis of the Galactic Empire , is a boy of mixed personalities, and no he's not skitzefrinic. Many people trust him because he earned it but in all honesty Jacky Varsis is a confused , ruthless , recking ball.
He is currently a recruit for the New Republic since he recently ended his contract with the Empire. His father kiled his mother when she attempted to escape the Empire. The only reason Jacky is alive today is because he knows everywhere his father would look. Also because he has great friends , who he now considers his only family, like Caredetru and Reticha Tykuper, Duvnar , and of course Helix.
Jacky acts like a young(ooc: James Bond) in most callenging situations .
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In my eyes there is evil.
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