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 Life getting Back on Track

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PostSubject: Life getting Back on Track   Sun Nov 09, 2008 2:39 pm

Duvnar's has now goten somewhat of a crew now on his ship. Their was Duvnar the leader of the group, their's Uirk the Muscle, Theirs Zane the Sneaky and theirs Zekrow the Terrifying. The four made a great team and were know just playing a game of Galactic Risk on Duvnar's Ship. Duvnar usuallly won though since he was taught all the time by Zekrow's Uncle back no Narshadda but Zekrow was also taught and this was the first game Zekrow played with the three so the two were battling it out with their Systems while Zane and Urik tried to survive on the small moon's they had left.

Duvnar than got an incoming message, "Greetings, my name is Rekroto Tychuto. I have heard great things of the four of you and wish to invite you to my Galactic Rumble Party! Many accomplished Individuals, in combat or sport's that is come here every year for the party of their lives. I hope you can make it! Oh and before I forget I invited all your other friends to!"

Duvnar saw no harm and the four changed course to Corusant where the party was being held. The four tracked the message to a mansion. When the four enterd their were hundreds of individuals, Duvnar even saw some members of the Rancor Hockey Team Here. The four took a seat at a table and orderd some ale, Duvnar heard something though, Only he could though do to his mechanic parts, it sounded like... Moaning, Gand Tone and the Clicking of a Survival Suit... Also their was a odd wave of sound added showing it was damaged by a... lightsaber? and the Gand was Female... Duvnar exused himself and opened the door it was coming from, he saw long stairs. He pulled out his sword and started to walk down the stairs slowly as the three waited at the table.
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Life getting Back on Track
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