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 Gang Wars Revisted

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PostSubject: Gang Wars Revisted   Gang Wars Revisted Icon_minitimeFri Nov 07, 2008 4:54 pm

(OOC: Seeing how no one is joining i will change the story to one more intresting but still involves Zane)
Accsessing Data Files...
Duvnar Magnum Selected....
Accsessing Past Proflie.....

Back when Duvnar Magnum was 12 he was in a street gang, they terrorized streets, their stole from the rich, they drank, the gambled, they broke the law. The Gang was called The Shadow Hawk. It was a Gang started by the Black Sun, they wanted to get Teen's and Pre-Teens into Crimes and Riots, This Gang however was not an obident Gang to the Black Sun, They were independent, they were started by the Black Sun but refused to obey, Their were above 20 Member's in the Gang, One day the Narshadda Safe was robbed, the Shadow Hawks were responsible, all the Gang Members fled into outerspace except for one, Duvnar Magnum, he saw the errors in their ways after that night, That Robbery resulted in the accident murder's of hundreds, no one ever figured out it was the Shadow Hawks behind it however....


Duvnar and Urik were once again wandering the Galaxy on their ship, Duvnar suddenly got a message, he let it through. "Duvnar.... I know who you are, I know your affiliated with the Shadow Hawks. Meet me at the bar at Naboo, Bring only Urik with you, your other friends cannot not be trusted with this information if they are not already involved" The Message ended. Duvnar knew this was serious, he changed course back to Naboo. He went to the Cantina right away, to see a hooded man standing by the door. When Duvnar was about the enter the Cantina the Hooded man spoke "Halt. I am the one you were sent to meet... Follow me" The hooded man led the two into an alley. The Man than lowerd his hood to show the face of a human male, He had blood dripping from his mouth, A Scar running down his eye and missing his pinky on his right hand. This man was Called Zane Gural, he was in the Shadow Hawks with Duvnar, the two were great friends but when the Gang fled Zane followed, he was to use to crime to let it go. The two exchanged a friendly hug than Zane got a determined look on his face "Nice to meet again ain't it? But that's not why I called you... The Shadow Hawks are still alive, I left recently though when I heard of their next crime" "What's the Crime?" Zane breathed heavily knowing Duvnar wouldn't like this. "You know very well the night the Imperials Raided Narshadda?" "Ya, it ruined me..." "Yes it did... you know the Assassin that led the Invasion?" "Ya. Why?" "He's planning an invasion, he's using Shadow Hawk Members, They have all been trained into top of the line Force-Sensitive Assassins, Theirs hundreds of them, all capable of killing a dozen of the Advanced Assassins you bought before and that's only their swordsman ship, They can snipe, sneak, hide much better, They specialize in Kidnapping to the extreme where one can single handedly kidnap a group of 3 people in a second all at once. That and their Force Sensitive to the point that they wield Lightsabers and know many Force Powers..." "Where do they plan to attack?" "Naboo... In 12 Hours" "What! 12 hours and I'm the only one you called!" "Your the only one I can call.... You have skilled friends, some who live on Naboo, call them, they should help". Duvnar took out his com-link and contacted all his friends "Hello, It's Duvnar. Theirs a massive raid going to be struck on Naboo is 12 Hours! I need your help to stop it! Please come!" Duvnar than ended the message and turned back to Zane "Now what?" "We Wait... Alert the Security they will reconize us as criminals and kill us and be just as unprepared as they would if we never told them... We need to gather your skilled friends to prepare, then the Planet's Security will join in once the battle starts... But.. Be Careful... If the Assassins know any of your friends are coming they will try to kill them or kidnap them and sell them in the black market or make them slave's for the assassins".
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Gang Wars Revisted
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