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 The Cult Of The Dark Ones (Open)

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PostSubject: The Cult Of The Dark Ones (Open)   Sun Nov 02, 2008 5:37 pm

The Cult of The Dark Ones

The Cult of The Dark Ones; discusting, revolting and destructive. Bent on destroying anyone in the way of their true goal, to join there god Jula in the skys where there are to be delivered life for an eternity after death. Their secret lair lies deep within a mountian protruding for the surface of Ryloth. Within the lair, the members of this cult work on plans for their new begining. Many hours of meditation are devoted to the cause, as the listener tries to contact the great spirt of Jula. His efforts are often successful as he brings news of the world above the skys. Jula, a feirce and noble ruler of the cult members, strikes fear into those who do not folow his path. The members wear a long robe, with buttons goining down the center. The edges are trimed with a deep red, almost the color of blood.

Zelukna sat in the dark lair. His lantern reflected off the smooth black floor, leaving the room in a dim glow. His black robes lay crinkled on the bed fastened to the wall. The blue twi'lek sat cross-legged on the floor meditating, waiting for the force of Jula to grasp his mind. A knock echoed around the open room. Zelukna got up, finally giving up on Jula since she did not seem to want to talk at the moment. He strode over to the door and opened it up a crack. A bright stream of light greeted him and so did his right hand man, Kingas. Kingas' dull grey skin had a sort of dark glow around it as Zelukna welcomed the sullstan into the listener's chamber. His voice was trimed with dread as he spoke out to the twi'lek.

"Oh great listener, I am sorry to bring you such horrible news," Kingas said, the flaps of skin around his mouth vibrating with each word.

"It is alright Kingas, continue with the news," Zelukna reasured the sullstan.

"One of our cult lair has been invaded yet again. There were no survivors. It was the one on Tattooine," Kingas said.

"But there were over 50,000 members there. How could they all be killed?" Zelukna asked, covering his face with dispare.

"The enemy cut off our weapon supply before we could detect them. I am sorry to have failed you sir." Kingas bowed low, his nose almost touching the floor.

"It is alright Kingas, it is not you that caused this disaster. Tell me who it was that attacked us. Was it the Cult of the Pure?" Zelukna asked.

"Yes listener, it was the Cult of The Pure yet again."

(ooc: note, you can join as either the Cult of The Dark Ones or the Cult of The Pure. This is a series so expect to see a new one soon)
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The Cult Of The Dark Ones (Open)
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