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 Survival of a Nightmare

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Ali Xen
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Ali Xen

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PostSubject: Survival of a Nightmare   Sat Nov 01, 2008 9:53 pm

((If anyone has seen cloverfield they would eather say it sucked it was awsome or the way it was shot made them dizzy. Well who cares that what this will be like. For those who haven't seen it its about a alien/monster that attacks Manhattan in New York the size of half the Empire state building, This is just the baby version. P.S. There's going to be a Cloverfield 2 of some sorts. Way people know is the director said do and at the end of the movie the very end like after the credits there is a little static and stuff and if you record it rewind it saysand I quote," Its still alive" This will start in a city similar to manhattan other than the landmarks and name and location. First person to post gets to name the city. We can all start in the same place or in different places. You can be Military or Civilian.))

Ali was at a party with Marrissa, it was packed full of friends and relatives. People were playing games watching the television, eating and talking. Ali was sitting on a couch next to his friend Mark Xavien a old time friend. Ali had a camera and was videotaping the party for future memories. Ali saw someone he knew and walked over and said," hey man its been a while what's up?" He held out his free hand to shake hands with his friend.
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Survival of a Nightmare
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