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 The assassination of Farun Janince

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Shevi Nalin
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PostSubject: The assassination of Farun Janince   Sat Nov 01, 2008 7:39 pm


Alright, as Duvnar said, this is the place for special RPs where you have to sign up and play as someone other than your actual character, which means that you will have to make up a new name for just this RP.

For this, we shall be an elite squadron of assassins trained in stealth. We will have 5 members:

Leader of squad- Shevei Nalin.
Member-Caredetru Tykuper


Janir stood in the wind, on top of a 50 story building. She looked at the tiny moving figures on the Renatasian street. She sat down, laying a black breifcase on the roof top durcrete. She popped the tabs open, and there layed a feild stripped Nightstinger. She took the stock from the case first, then the body. She put them together, and they clicked. She then removed the long, glistening barrel. She screwed it into the end of the body until it did not twist any further. She picked the oh, so delicate scope up next, and slid it into position. She looked through it, and made a few adjustments with the two dials on the side and top of the scope. She un buttoned her light jacket, revealing a belt of tibium gas cartriges. She un-clipped one, and slid it into the receptical in front of the Nightstinger's trigger. She hit the bottom of it with her palm, and it gave a clicking sound. She stood and walked over the the ledge, blaster weighing down her hands. She leaned over the edge, and slid the cold gun up to her face. She starred through the scope, and put the crosshairs on a few people just for fun. She saw, from the corner of her eye, a V-35 Courier decend. She already knew it was her target. Kerden Umnan. He was to be meeting his underaged girlfreind at the door of the luxury hotel across the street from the building that Janir stood on. She watched as Kerden walked casually to a beutiful Twilek woman in a provacative black dress.
Time to die you perverted son of a wh*re. You will kill no more innocents
Kerdan, who was in his forties, gripped the twilek, who was maybe seventeen, in his arms. Even from her vantage point, Janir could see the mans hands on the twilek girls back-side as he pressed his fowl lips to the young, niave Twilek's. Janir placed the crosshairs directly on the temple of Kerdan, and slowly squezzed the cold trigger.
The Nightstinger gave a Janir a kick in the shoulder as the invisible blast ripped through the air(ooc- yes, Nightstinger blasts are invisible). She lowered the gun back down, and looked again through the sight. The twilek was splattered with blood as she stood in horror above the murdered body of Kerdan. Janir could hear the screams of terror rising from the streets as this man seemingly fell dead from nowhere. She picked the gun up, and brough it back to the breif case. She quickly feild stripped it, secured everything, and ran to the stairwell. She had to get back to the assassin capitol on Suarbi-5.

(ooc- we will all meet there and be given our assignment)

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Caredetru Tykuper
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PostSubject: Re: The assassination of Farun Janince   Mon Nov 03, 2008 1:01 am

Kernig, his black robes flowing in the wind rushing past him as he trotted down the Dantooine street, could see his target just ahead of him. Jelnige Seken, the arms dealer, leaned on a tree with a deathstick billowing putrid green smoke hanging from his Cather lips, poisoning the air around him. Kernig took the hood of his robe in his hands, and lifted it above and onto his blonde haired head. It cast shadows on his face, conceiling his identity. He reached into his pocket, and removed a razor thin metal string that he had taken from a delicate instrument that he could not name. He took one end in one of his gauntleted hands, and the other end in the other. He twisted his hands around, wrapping his hands in the shining wire. Where others were careful to avoid the toxic atmosphere that clung to the evil Cathar, Kernig made special attempt to bump into the smoking creature. It threw Jelnige off of his balance, and Kernig took his opening. Kernig leaped around to Jelnige's back, and wrapped the wire around the throat of the Cathar. The now choking creature's deathstick fell from it's lips as the owner gropped his throat. Fingernails tore at the soft skin in failed attempts to remove the wire. Kernig began rocking the string in his hands, sliding it into flesh. Blood dripped down the Jelnige's chest as breathing ceased and the body slowly stopped it's furious struggle. Kernig let the dead thing fall to the ground, and leaped in with the panicing crowd. He threw off his hood, replaced the blood stained wire into his pocket, and made a face of panic to blend in with the crowd. He completely disapeared. He killed much less subtly than his coleags, but he always disapeared without so much as a foot print. He had to get back to Suarbi-5 as quickly as he could.
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The assassination of Farun Janince
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